About us

About us

We know everything about the blowing of fiber optic cables!!!

The GAMM-BUD company operates since 1992, and since 1994 we deal with the delivery of systems for cable blowing. Since 1997 we are the sole and exclusive representative for Poland’s reputable manufacturer Lancier Cable GmbH. Since 2013 we offer Blue Dragon Jet micro cable blowers. We have also worked with Plumett and Opto.

We offer warranty service for Lancier and Blue Dragon Jet blowers and also warranty onsite service of all other producers: Plumett, CBS, Thaler, Bagela, Fremco, Condux.

We organize training courses and seminars for building the teletechnical networks and optic fiber cables blowing as well as trainings in handling of the specific blowers and equipment.

Since 2001 we have Quality Management System.